Titu Gupta


Interview with Mrs. Titu Gupta, Breast Cancer Survivor, Diagnosed at Stage III

Date of Meeting:  4th August, 2018, Silchar, Assam, India

Mrs. Titu Gupta was diagnosed at advanced Stage III breast Cancer, five years back. Today she is a proud survivor!

It was a delight meeting Mrs. Gupta on 6th August 2018, and I am so thankful to my friend Mrs. Simi Chakraborty for connecting me to Mrs. Gupta. It was ignorance that delayed her diagnosis even though her husband, Mr. Alok Kumar Gupta insisted her to check with doctor immediately. She delayed by almost one year. But, when diagnosed, the overwhelming support from her joint family helped her tremendously and she was never scared due to their care & affection! Mrs. Gupta was so brave and told the reasons why her diagnosis got delayed by one year as she never even imagined it could be cancer, she went through homeopathy initially, but nothing improved. Finally, after almost a year, Mrs. Gupta went to a doctor and got diagnosed. In the interview she mentioned that it was her huge family (joint family) that helped her tremendously to fight back and not to be scared. I am so proud of Mrs. Gupta for her courage and energy, great feeling to see her joint family, staying together and becoming her strength, truly remarkable! A true reflection of what the support of a joint family is comes from Mrs. Titu Gupta's story! She is sincerely grateful to her family, Mrs. Shanta Gupta, Mrs. Uttama Choudhury, Mrs. Roma Gupta, Mr. Shankar Choudhury, Mr. Alok Kumar Gupta, Mr. Reshav Gupta and other members of her family who never left her side during the crisis. Mrs.Titu Gupta is immensely thankful to her very supportive and affectionate husband Mr. Alok Kumar Gupta and her loving son Mr. Abhay Gupta.

Mrs. Titu Gupta, an inspiration for all, bravely speaks about the reasons for the delay of her diagnosis—ignorance… never imagined the lump could be cancer! I was amazed by the smiling face, the spirit and the eagerness to share her journey so that others learn from her experience. Mrs. Gupta’s moving journey will save so many lives…hats off to Mrs. Gupta!

By Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy
Breast Cancer Hub

Interview with Titu Gupta in Bengali, summarized in English, Breast Cancer Advocate from India!

Interview with Mrs. Titu Gupta, 5 year Breast Cancer survivor (diagnosed at advanced Stage III), so brave as she reveals the reasons & truth of her late diagnosis & requests others not to ignore a lump & address the doctor immediately! Hats off to Mrs. Gupta, an inspiration for the society!