Save lives by Awareness, Volunteering, Education and Research –SAVER

1 in 8 women can have Breast Cancer in their lifetime and the incidence is alarmingly increasing worldwide. Unfortunately, the death rate is significantly higher in the developing countries compared to the developed world. 

We are a global community with a vision to save lives of women & men with Breast Cancer by early detection via Awareness, Education and Research. We believe in working together through network and collaboration.

#BreakTheBreastTaboo #TogetherWeSaveLives


what we do



Real time interviews to depict and unravel the truth on embarrassment & taboo prevailing across the society even today! Interviews in local languages, summarized in English! Eye-opener incidents that tells us…this is just the start, we have a lot to overcome!

Challenges we intend to conquer:


Developing Countries

Embarrassment, Taboo, and Ignorance

Access to early screening methods

Lack of Knowledge about breast health, especially self breast examination, Clinical Breast Exam, Breast screening processes, issues with mammograms with dense breasts

Stress and life style

Inflammation and Cancer

Risk factors

Lack of research


Developed Countries

Issues with mammograms with dense breasts

Radiation exposure

Stress and life style

Inflammation and Cancer

Risk factors

Irregularity in Breast screening processes



Myths and misconceptions

Research and analysis on regional aspects with regards to food, culture and environmental factors

Lack of global clinical data across demographics and ethnicity




We strive together in our journey against breast cancer and walk with pride and dignity sharing the knowledge of awareness, helping women & men break the culture enforced embarrassment and openly discuss about Breast health! We educate the general population about the importance of taking care of Breast health, battling the ignorance among them that a small lump can cost life! The cause is supported by Friends, Family, Breast Cancer Survivors/Advocates, Oncologists, network of hospitals & physicians, Collaborators (Local Non-profit Foundations, local healthcare centers, Universities, Colleges & other Organizations). We raise awareness and educate the urban and rural population in local languages via social media, outreach events, on-the-spot interviews to depict and unravel the truth on embarrassment & taboo prevailing across the society even today.

We distribute free Breast Self-Exam (BSE) cards in local languages that works wonders specially in the developing world where a huge population fall below poverty line and they are ignorant and cannot afford regular health and breast screening methods like annual checkup, clinical exams, mammograms & ultrasounds. Even the educated populace in developing world, irrespective of socio-economic status are ignorant and reluctant. The norm in developing countries are to visit doctors when issues arise as opposed to preventative or detective controls, women hardly go for mammogram or ultrasound after the age of 40, that makes the BSE card an easy solution. It’s a mechanism to alert people to be proactive in raising issues to doctors immediately if they come across the signs, symptoms and abnormalities, especially in countries where clinical breast exam is not conducted by doctors starting at age 20.

Breast Cancer Hub is a family of selfless volunteers, helping to spread the awareness across the globe—A campaign!




Collaborative and unified work create impactful & substantial results for the society and mankind. We bridge the gap between the developed and developing world to uplift the research potential. We join forces with oncologists, clinicians, and scientists/researchers. We are very optimistic and look forward to our research together, to bring into limelight the current situation of Breast cancer in the urban & rural sectors across the globe.