Kalpana Choudhury


Interview with Mrs. Kalpana Choudhury, Breast Cancer Survivor, Diagnosed at Stage III

Date of Meeting:  1st August, 2018, Silchar, Assam, India

Mrs. Kalpana Choudhury, 65 yrs, 10 year survivor from Stage III breast cancer opens up about her journey. It was a treat & delight meeting such a loving person on 1st August 2018! Sincerely thankful to Mrs. Tomali Brahmachari for connecting me to Mrs. Kalpana Choudhury.
It was shyness and ignorance that delayed her diagnosis. She is extremely thankful to her daughter, Mrs. Tomali Brahmacharjee, Mrs. Tomali's mother-in-law, Mrs. Shibani Brahmachari and her son-in-law Mr. Rajarshi Brahmachari who guided her through and through and helped to take immediate action when Mrs. Tomali accidentally felt the lump in the breast of her mother. Mrs. Kalpana Choudhury, could fight the battle due to the strength of her daughter’s family, her very supportive and caring husband Mr. Kshitish Chudhury, her son Mr. Arijeet Choudhury, grand-children Anoushka and Rishik Brahmachari, sister Mrs. Kalyani Roy Choudhury, brother-in-law Mr. Ratish Choudhury and others who came forward and gave her immense courage!

It was a treat meeting Mrs. Choudhury on 1st August, 2018... so full of life and energy! She never hesitated to speak about her journey and sincerely acknowledged that it was her ignorance that delayed the diagnosis and she wants others not to do the same... that's the spirit and enthusiasm... Hats off to Mrs. Choudhury!

By Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy
Breast Cancer Hub

Interview with Mrs. Kalpana Choudhury in Bengali, summarized in English, Breast Cancer advocate from India.

Interview with Mrs. Kalpana Choudhury, 10 year survivor of Breast Cancer, diagnosed at Stage III, speaks about her journey & sincerely acknowledges that her ignorance delayed the diagnosis. Hats off to Mrs. Choudhury’s spirit & eagerness to help others, an inspiration!