Mangala Iyer


Journey narrated by Mrs. Mangala Iyer, Breast Cancer survivor, Mumbai, India

I am Mangala Iyer, 68 years old, from Navi Mumbai. I am a Breast Cancer survivor. One late afternoon in the month of November 2010, I felt a lemon sized lump on my left breast which gave me intense pain on touching it. After an immediate consultation with our gynecologist, on her advice the lump was removed and sent for biopsy to Tata memorial in Mumbai. I was detected with Stage II Breast Cancer. I was advised by my doctors for six rounds of chemotherapy at a 21-day interval. In between the chemotherapies, I lost weight, appetite, sense of taste, and also my hair. It was both a mentally and physically draining period for me and my family. With the right doctors and faith in my Guru, I was able to not only survive but came out successfully and lead a normal life post treatment. It has been eight years now and I have been regularly going for my interval checkup and continuing my medications.

By Mangala Iyer
Breast Cancer Advocate