Subir Roy


Planning and Development Officer, NNS (Silchar) Non-Profit

New Delhi, India


Professionally, I am associated with a Nonprofit organization which advocates child and women rights under ministry of Women and Children Govt. of India and their various programs in rural India setup. I have been associated with them for the last 5 years managing their Adoption Advocacy Team for all In-country and Inter-country adoption matter, striving to find a home for every child without a parent.

Aside from this, I try to devote some time towards my studies on society, social behaviors in tier two cities and communities, mostly on issues like unemployment of educated youths, adolescent health, infanticides, foeticides and social mindset on the legal way of adoption in India.

Prior to this, I have been associated with Genpact for 10 years on the organisation’s on-shore support operations for GE Healthcare business in USA and APAC region which was a stepping stone to realize how important it is to invest some time of your life to a good and stable professional set up and how one can transform their learning when pursuing one’s own passion.

My life is surrounded by beautiful people who have brought abundant support, love, compassion and humility along. This includes my wife Kanchan who works for an IT firm as a Manager in New Delhi, my 10 year-old daughter Giva, the butterfly of our home who loves to paint and makes sure all her effort is appreciated.

Besides this, I personally love to travel, explore new places, interact with strangers to learn about their beliefs, culture, mindset as well as all kinds of positive and negatives things which can help me in my learning and lead a better life with purpose.

Mission Statement:
Human race today is plagued with some of the toughest issues to fight like poverty, lack of access to affordable healthcare and some of the curable and incurable present day diseases, to name a few. Cancer is one among them and a major crisis which needs serious attention at the moment worldwide. Apart from the first world countries, many countries including India lack basic awareness about early detection and measures. Also, many patients miss on their early screenings, periodic checkups and intervention which lead to many deaths but can be avoided with proper procedures.

BCH has come up with a brilliant plan with its cause to fight CANCER and emphasizing more on awareness and early detection measures. This can be shared within communities and societies more efficiently to bring more positive impact in the long run. I fully support their cause and would be happy to spread the word.

Region: New Delhi west, India