Geetha Manjunath, PhD

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CEO, NIRAMAI Health Analytix Pvt Ltd

Bangalore, India


Dr. Geetha Manjunath is the Co-founder and CEO of NIRAMAI Health Analytix, a startup developing a novel non-invasive Breast Cancer Screening Solution using Artificial intelligence. Geetha has over 25 years in IT research and has created many innovative prototypes, patents, publications and new products. She is a gold medalist from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), from where she holds a Master’s Degree and PhD from Computer Science. She also comes with a management education from Kellogg’s Chicago. She was the winner of 2009 NASCCOM IT Innovator, 2010 MIT TR Grand Challenges and 2018 BIRAC WinER Award. She is an IEEE Senior Member and currently the Chair of IEEE  Computer Society, Bangalore Chapter. She holds 14 US patents and many more pending grant.

Breast cancer is the largest cancer killer in women today. 500,000 women are dying every year due to this disease. We at NIRAMAI are working on tools to enable early detection of cancer and save lives.   In developing countries like India, due to issues in affordability and accessibility of cancer detection tools, 50% women detecting with breast cancer end up loosing their lives. Another major issue affecting women globally, is the lack of tests to detect cancer in dense breasts, which is seen in over 50%  of the women.

NIRAMAI is developing a low cost, portable,  non-contact, non-invasive, radiation-free solution for detecting early stage breast cancer in women of all age groups (and breast densities).

We are collaborating from research perspective and also in educating women with materials from Breast Cancer Hub.

Twitter, Instagram: @geethamhp
Regions: India and Asian countries

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