Chitta Benode Deb

Chitto Deb.jpg

Proprietor, Devipore Tea Estate

Silchar, Assam, India


Mr. Deb is the proprietor of Devipore Tea Estate. The tea estate is situated in the Southern part of Assam, India. He started this venture in the early 90’s with a view for satisfying his own passion and also creating a platform for the localites to earn their daily bread and butter. He has profound knowledge and expertise on tea cultivation and production. He tried to face all challenges single handedly while shaping up his tea estate. Mr. Deb is a nature-loving person and shows keen interest in agricultural products and its practices.

Mission Statement:
Mr. Deb always had an aspiration for service to common people. It is absolute fortune on his behalf to collaborate with your organization and volunteering in raising awareness within the community and society in local language, breaking social barriers and taboo. He expresses his special appreciation and thanks to BCH for reaching out to people of this region and create awareness about one’s breast health. Mr. Deb attempts to support BCH from his core and wish the entire BCH team a grand success in its noble selfless effort.


Region: Assam, India