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Katha Bikalpa Parivaar

Sincerely thankful to Mr. Kamal Chakraborty, an integral part of Katha Bikalpa Parivaar along with the vibrant, thoughtful young generation for organizing the Breast Cancer Awareness event on 5th August, 2018. It was so great meeting the full team who work like a family. I am amazed to see the tremendous efforts you all are putting into various aspects of the society at such young age... hats off to you all... Katha Bikalpa Parivaaar! 

Katha Bikalpa Parivar consider themselves as not a group or organization but their alternative family. They work on social issues that need attention. They organize “Good Touch, Bad Touch” programs, give food to the poor, needy people and give clothes to them. Katha Bikalpa Parivaar also provides books for children who cannot afford to purchase. They try to stand beside the people below poverty line, provide basic clothing to children and also their admission fees for schools.

What amazed me the most during my interactions with Katha Bikalpa Parivar is their work towards environment conservation… their focus on dismissing the usage of plastics, preserving greenery by doing plantations, are other ways they are contributing relentlessly towards the development of the society.

The talk was followed by question – answer session and interactions that took the discussions into various dimensions… loved each moment spent with them…. A memorable afternoon! Katha Bikalpa Parivaar has also come forward to collaborate on the cause of Breast Cancer, and I am so looking forward to work with the dedicated young generation.

My utmost thanks to the print media, Dainik Jugoshankho and Shamayik Prashanga for supporting the cause & writing about the important aspects on Breast Cancer awareness I am trying to emphasize on their edition on 6th August, 2018 and thanks to the organizers for inviting the press.

I was also so happy to see my friend from college Akshay Nunia who came to meet me during the event...thanks so much Akshay, so great meeting you!!!

So proud of the young minds of “Katha Bikalpa Parivaar” for thinking so highly about the society. I was so honored to be amidst Katha Bikalpa Parivaar.

By Lopamudra Das Roy, Ph.D
Founder & President, Breast Cancer Hub