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Kumbha/Koomber Tea Estate, Udharband circle of Cachar district in Assam

  • Cachar district in Assam (map)

My earnest thanks to Mr. Chitto Binode Deb, Proprietor, Devipore T.E

for his immense support and helping me to outreach in Kumbha/Koomber Tea Estate, Udharband circle of Cachar district in Assam. I am very thankful to Dr. Prosenjit Borah, Kumbha T.E Healthcare center, for organizing the event.

Mr. Deb introduced me to Ms. Beauty Malakar, Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) who was with me all throughout, learned the process of Breast self exam and also took the responsibility of reaching out to others in the village. She also took the accountability of helping the villagers if they came up with Breast abnormalities and giving them directions where to go next.  I met Dr. Prosenjit Borah, Medical officer at Kumbha T.E who volunteered to use the Breast self exam cards in local languages at their Health care center from now on and to give out the BSE cards to the local village communities. I also met nurses who showed immense interest and from now onwards will ask women & men  about their breast health and also give out free BSE cards.

The outreach in Kumbha/Koomber T.E was very satisfying with  interactions after. Each and everything I explained was new to them, so the session was impactful, and the response was very positive.

By Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy
Founder & President, Breast Cancer Hub