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Karimganj Outreach, Karimganj district, Assam

  • Karimganj district, Assam (map)

Event 1: July 28th 2018:
First and foremost, thanks to my parents Dr. C. S Das, Mrs. Rita Das, my uncle Mr. K.S Das, aunt Mrs. Krishna Das and my sons Agastya L. Roy and Agneya L. Roy for accompanying me to Karimganj. I am so thankful to Dr. C.S Das (my father) for connecting me to Dr. Sabyasachi Roy and Mr. Anirban Dey who organized the awareness program on 28th July 2018 in association with Mind-Trek Academy. The event ended with rounds of interactions, women coming up with their concerns. Sincerely appreciate your efforts and supporting the cause! I am so thankful to Dr. Sabyasachi Roy, Associate Professor of Physics, Karimganj College and Mr. Anirban Dey for coming forward to collaborate, join hands with BCH to increase awareness on this health issue in Karimganj district. It was an honor and privilege to be together with my father Dr. C. S. Das, addressing the event.

Also, thankful to Dr. Sabyasachi Roy for inviting the media Prag News TV channel (thanks to Mr. Arup Roy from Prag News), where I could address the important topics related to Breast cancer screening- embarrassment & taboo, ignorance, dense breast issues, Breast self-examination for both women and men.

Event 2: July 29th 2018:
I am thankful to Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), Barak Valley Branch, Silchar, Assam and IAP Karimganj branch, Assam, for inviting me to talk about Breast Cancer Awareness. Sincere thanks to Dr. Anjan Paul, President, IAP Silchar, Dr. Sadhan Roy, Secretary, IAP Silchar and Dr. Sitangshu Dam, IAP for supporting the cause, and organizing the event. The outreach had an audience of pediatricians along with others and it was my kind request to them if they could display Breast Self Exam cards in their respective clinics so that mothers who bring their babies and are on the waiting time, can visualize and learn. Also, it would be so beneficial if the pediatricians/their respected staffs could give out the Breast self exam handouts (local languages) to the moms, and other patient attendees visiting the them.

I could also reach out to many from urban and rural sectors in the same event and there were many interactions post the event where women came up with concerns about their breast health..

For each event I go to, I am taking a baseline survey if women perform breast self exams or go for regular screening processes without having any issues. The response is always “No” irrespective of socio economic status or education.

Karimganj network: I am sincerely thankful to Mrs. Shibani Brahmachari, Mrs. Tomali Brahmachari and Mr. Rajarshi Brahmachari for their warmth and affection. Sincerely appreciate the immense help from Mrs. Tomali and Shibani Brahmachari by connecting me to the Breast Cancer Survivors from Silchar – Mrs. Kalpana Chooudhury, Mrs. Supti Shyam and Mrs. Bithika Nag. Thanks to Mrs. Jhuma Das (who I met for the first time) for coming forward and connecting with Hailakandi Innerwheel Rotary Club and inviting for the outreach in Hailakandi.

By Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy
Founder & President, Breast Cancer Hub

EVENT 1, organized by mind-trek academy

EVENT 2, Organized by Indian Academy of Pediatrics

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Earlier Event: July 27
Rotary Club of Silchar