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Hailakandi Outreach, Hailakandi district, Assam

  • Hailakandi district, Assam (map)

Thanks to Mrs. Jhuma Das (who I met for the first time during the events at Karimganj) for coming forward and connecting with Hailakandi Innerwheel Club. Sincerely grateful to Mrs. Tanushree Chanda, President, Inner wheel Club for organizing the event. Thanks to Mr Alok Mahavir and Shankar Choudhury from Rotary Club of Hailakandi and the young youth of Rotaract club of Hailakandi for coming forward supporting the cause!

I am so thankful to Mrs. Tanushree Chanda, President Inner Wheel Club for coming forward to collaborate, joining hands with BCH to increase awareness in Hailakandi district. Also thankful to Mr. Shankar Choudhury, Secretary, Rotary Club of Hailakandi for supporting the cause and coming forward to collaborate.

It was great meeting everyone, the outreach covered people from all sectors and great interactions after the session. People present in the audience were unaware of many aspects of Breast cancer and when I took the survey, hardly anyone was performing screening like Breast self exam, clinical exam or mammogram/ultrasound.

From all the events I have been going since June 29th 2018, the data I am retrieving from baseline survey is that not even 1% of my outreach are performing Breast screening until they have an issue and it includes both urban and rural sectors.

Each event is becoming an eye-opener for many from the feedback/interactions after each session. Many were not aware that Breast Cancer is a life-threatening disease and is very common.

By Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy
Founder & President, Breast Cancer Hub