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The power of network… my friend Mrs. Vidya Chandrasekhar, from USA, introduced me to her friend Mrs. Bindu Goyal from Mumbai who became a collaborator with BCH. Thank you so much Mrs. Chandrasekhar & Mrs. Goyal for all your help & support! Mrs. Goyal further interacted with Mrs. Archana Deshmukh who organized the event at Geeta Bhavan, Sunder Nagar, Malad (west), Mumbai. I have no words to express my thanks to Mrs. Deshmukh for all her sincere efforts & selfless gesture.

Special thanks to  Mrs. Manju Joshi, Yoga teacher, for her huge support. My heartfelt thanks to all who attended the session.

The presentation emphasized on the current scenario of Breast Cancer in India and what are the key factors causing late diagnosis. It was a very rewarding session, since there were many questions from the audience & lot of interactions.

I was so proud of Mrs. Manjit Kaur, who came forward after my presentation, speaking up about her condition for the first time, breaking the barrier of shyness & talking about her journey. Mrs. Kaur  was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer at the age of 43 in 2016. With the help & support of her loving husband, kids, parents, in-laws, members of her  joint family, her tremendous believe in God, and her own will power, she proudly is a survivor today. I cannot even express how happy I am today for Mrs. Manjit Kaur who has gathered the courage to come forward and now she is an inspiration for all the women & men with Metastatic Breast Cancer. Hats off to Mrs. Manjit Kaur – a Hero!! Interview with Mrs. Kaur and full story & family photos will be published on BCH website.

By Lopamudra Das Roy, Ph.D
Founder & President, Breast Cancer Hub

Earlier Event: August 18