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I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks  to Mrs. Sandhya Das who organized the event in Kolkata at her residence. I met Mrs. Das in US at her daughter Dr. Manali Das’s residence early this year and was sharing my work on Breast cancer awareness programs I was planning to conduct in India targeting embarrassment, taboo & ignorance. I was amazed to see the eagerness in Mrs. Das to help in spreading the word. Mrs. Das not only agreed to build the network but also organized the event in Kolkata, inviting her network of friends, family and neighbors. Hats off to Mrs. Das for her initiative and understanding the grimness of this disease. Thank you for your collaboration. I would also like to thank Mrs. Shompa and Mrs. Susmita Das for helping Mrs. Sandhya Das organize the event!

I am immensely thankful to Mrs. Simi Chakraborty, Mrs. Chandrani Dutta and Mrs. Kaushiki Chakraborty for making it to the event & supporting the cause, even though they had a very busy day. Cannot thank you all enough for being on the Connectors Committee of BCH!

My utmost thanks to Ms. Susmita Naha for coming to the event in-spite of her other commitments the same evening, so grateful for being on the connectors committee of BCH! Enormously appreciative of Mrs. Shilpi Gupta for coming,  even though it was not a convenient day/time for her… so nice of her!

By Lopamudra Das Roy, Ph.D
Founder & President, Breast Cancer Hub

Earlier Event: August 16
Janata College, Kabuganj, Assam
Later Event: August 20