Shantanu Das


Senior Manager, Accenture

Charlotte, NC

Shantanu Das has been working at the intersection of technology and business for 15+ years. He has contributed to the success of several organizations – all the way from Fortune 10 companies to local non-profits that are working to bring real change to the lives of many. Currently, his work focuses on strategizing and delivering on digital transformation at organizations.

Beyond his core work, he is a polyglot with varied interests and tries to read 10 books a year. He keeps himself updated with the latest and greatest in science, medicine, cosmology and energy research. His passion is in creating awareness around global issues such as preventable diseases, climate change & renewable energy, lack of water & sanitation, reducing wastage & inefficiencies in our lives, and giving back to the world.

Mission Statement:

“You cannot do all the good that world needs, but the world needs all the good that you can do.”

Anything that helps me in support of my personal mission will motivate and inspire me to contribute. This foundation is a very tangible way for me to achieve my personal passions.

Twitter, Instagram: @HealThePlanet
Region(s): India / US