Oralia Castaneda


Executive Director, Sodexo

Chicago, IL

Oralia Castaneda is a senior business executive who partners with CEO’s and other business leaders to develop, grow, and lead successful brands. After spending more than a decade in leadership, Oralia understands that at the core of all business are human connections. 

Oralia has led growth, change management, developed best practices and attained high levels of employee engagement in her past roles at medium- cap companies. She’s championed change management initiatives and diversity and inclusion is a cause she holds near to her heart.  Her most extensive experience is in facilities management, but also has experience in the educational and legal sectors. 

Oralia currently holds a BA in political science and psychology from Rockford University and is currently pursuing an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. 

Email: oraliacastaneda007@gmail.com
Region(s): Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Mexico