Susmita Naha


Caretaker/special educator to an Autistic child

Kolkata, India


I am 41 yrs old woman. Single Mother of two teenage boys aged 17yrs and 13yrs. 

I work as a special educator to a 18yr old boy with ASD. 

My mother is 70 yrs old and lead a healthy lifestyle.  She suffers from high BP and is under medications.  She goes for evening walk every day.

My father passed away at the age of 79yrs. He was suffering from cancer in the prostate gland. He was diabetic as well. 

I hardly get time for myself after work. But i do take out time to spend with my boys. I go out for cycling with them. I also go for 50 mins morning walk 6 days a week. 

Mission Statement:
I would love to be an ambassador of BCH. I can spread the word through social media like FB and WhatsApp. I can talk to my friends, relatives and associates about breast cancer and about male breast cancer.   

Region: India through social media