Neelima Murthy


Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


My name is Neelima. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my loving husband Prasad Murthy and 6 yr old daughter Srimayee, our shining star!

I work as a consultant in the IT field. Apart from trying to strike a balance between my family and job, I love spending my free time catching up with my friends and watching movies (and lots of them)!

Win or Lose, I believe in giving my all and that is what I always strive to do.

Mission statement:
Going by the recent statistics, odds are that either you or someone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Much has been written about how a lot of people, both men and women are losing their battle to breast cancer and how most of these cases are due lack of awareness. Stories about their pain, their struggles, the fight they put up were reason enough to push me to do my bit towards raising awareness but seeing someone very close in my family go through it made it imperative to act of it immediately. And what better platform than this.

Region: Hyderabad, India