Padmaja Bingu

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Heartfulness Institute

Charlotte, NC, USA


I have been practicing Heartfulness meditation for over 20 years and am active in organizing meditation sessions at homes, offices & educational institutions etc. sharing my experiences with meditation. Meditation has helped me a lot in changing my life and I wish everyone should experience it for themselves and transform their lives as well.

I also enjoy reading, cooking various cuisines and living environment friendly. Most of all I love spending time with my two beautiful daughters, doing crafts, painting, cooking and reading with them.

Mission statement:
It is a well-known fact that chronic stress is the root cause of many illnesses in modern world, including cancer. Meditation not only help reduce stress but effects the way brain respond to situations. A healthy mind means a healthy body. Especially as Heartfulness (a non-profit organization) meditation is free and is available in over 150 countries, along with the aid of yogic transmission, it is easy for anyone at any corner of the world to practice this meditation and transform their lives.

As, Breast Cancer Hub is bringing awareness about breast cancer across wide section of people, this free meditation practice can be offered both as a preventive care in dealing with the stress and also as a faster healing mechanism.

I will be happy to share information about Breast Cancer Hub with my friends and associates and thus bringing awareness about this much needed topic.


Region: Charlotte, NC USA