Karabi Bora


Charlotte, NC, USA


I grew up in Assam which is a north- east state of India. I spent my twenty five beautiful years of my life there.  With its rich heritage and vibrant cultures, Assam is one of the most beautiful states of India. Upon accomplishment of my Master Degree in Organic Chemistry from Guwahati University, I headed to USA with my spouse to start his overseas professional career.  After reaching here my career direction took a new turn and I decided to learn something about the IT field. In my past years I worked as an IT professional. Now I’m thinking to re-establish my career again after a short career break.

I have a very beautiful yet close family of two daughters and a very caring, loving husband. They mean the world to me.

My hobbies are reading books, painting and travelling all around. My passion is my family, also my biggest strength too.

Mission statement:
Nowadays, Breast health is growing sensitive as well as becoming a highly concerned issue, a lot of people getting victimized. Raising the awareness and reducing the stigma are only few ways who could help people get concerned about this deadly disease. BCH is trying to give tremendous effort to bring the awareness among all of us. I would definitely want to be a part of it and want to spread the words to my friends and family in every possible way with the knowledge of mediation, affirmation and positive thinking.  Great causes never fail, that I strongly belief.

I do have a cancer history in my own family. Losing my Mom was the hardest thing in my life so far. She was a cancer patient for 5+ years. She’s still my inspiration, my strength and my mentor. She left behind us with strength and awareness that I can pass over to others. She was a brave heart and bold soul. Never bowed down to the disease. She fought till her last breath giving us the courage to live without her and forever. Let’s come forward and bring our concerns to tell the world that together we can change the world.


Email: karabi.bora@gmail.com
Twitter, Instagram: @kb5299
Region: India