who we are


who we are

We are a Global Network of relentless and passionate individuals and organizations coming together to support the cause– United Universally!

Our Breast Cancer Survivors/Advocates are our Heroes! We are so blessed and honored to have you in our Breast Cancer Hub family! Your inspirational stories will help encourage women & men across the world especially in the developing countries to break the taboo, come out of shyness & speak up about Breast Health & Breast Cancer!

We are also privileged to have other cancer survivors/advocates whose inspiring lives can become strength for many others fighting the same type of cancer! You are our stars!

So proud of all our advocates and hats off to you for coming forward to share your stories to help others! You are an inspiration to the mankind! You are the pillars of strength of Breast Cancer Hub!


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Lopamudra Das Roy, M.Sc, Ph.D

Lopamudra Das Roy, M.Sc, Ph.D is the founder and President of Breast Cancer Hub with 16+ years of experience in Research, Teaching and Mentoring undergraduate and graduate students (Ph.D. candidates) in the field of Genetics and Breast & Pancreatic Cancer Research. Dr. Das Roy received her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology (Genetics) from Assam University, India. Her professional career started as a lecturer of Genetics followed by her Post-Doctoral fellowship from Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Scottsdale, USA in Cancer Immunology & therapeutics focusing on Breast and Pancreatic Cancer. She moved to University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) and served as a Research Assistant Professor at UNCC. She worked as a Research Director at OncoTAb, Inc, a UNCC spin off (Cancer diagnostics and therapeutics) and as an Adjunct Associate Professor at UNCC. She is currently pursuing her Executive MBA from Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, Chicago, IL, USA.

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why breast cancer hub?

my dream

While growing up in Assam, Northeast India, I have seen my grandfather and father dedicated towards their profession as medical doctors and relentlessly and tirelessly working towards saving lives of people of the community. I could see the happiness on their faces, the immense satisfaction! I pursued my Ph.D.in Molecular Biology (Genetics) and Post-doctoral fellowship in Breast & Pancreatic Cancer Research and worked for 16+ years in Research and Academics. I would like to leverage my interest and experience specifically in Breast Cancer to help save lives via awareness and research.

Over the years, I have realized how Breast cancer has been afflicting and engulfing our society. About 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. Breast cancer is the top cancer in women worldwide and is increasing particularly in developing countries where the majority of cases are diagnosed in late stages. My dream of building Breast Cancer Hub, non-profit foundation stems from my discussions with Breast Cancer patients/advocates sharing their stories of pain and agony, when mammograms failed their diagnosis due to dense breast tissues even in the most developed countries in the world such as USA. During my travel to the developing countries and interaction with women, I still observe the level of ignorance about taking care of their breast health. Despite women doing so well in every sphere of their lives, regardless of their level of education and socio-economic status, breast cancer mortality is high due to lack of awareness and early detection screening. The situation in the rural sector is grimmer and very critical. Breast cancer screening is a low priority and the knowledge of self-breast examination, clinical breast examination & other screening methods (mammogram and ultrasound) is very limited. Women would go to the oncologists when they have serious breast issues and when diagnosed, tumors are huge and metastasized which becomes an incurable situation leading to very high death rate. I still experience that women are ashamed to discuss their concerns with their family, friends and clinicians. Women & family members even hesitate to mention the word cancer in “Breast”. It’s the shyness & embarrassment society imposes. It’s the stigma, awkwardness and taboo of using the word “Breast”. I believe, if we come together, we can help break the taboo, generate awareness, help women realize, an issue in the breast can cause death if not detected early! We have already lost many moms, sisters, wives, daughters… we cannot afford to lose anymore! Saving one life is saving one family!

In addition, Breast cancer in men is also increasing and most men with Breast Cancer seem to have experiences of shock and subsequent embarrassment, battling the “stigma” of having a predominately woman's disease. We would like spread the word, so that no man goes undetected & die of Breast cancer anymore!


Lack of global clinical data on Breast Cancer across demographics and ethnicity, especially from the developing world always bothers me. The survival frequency of Breast Cancer is very low in the developing world. I believe, this critical situation won’t be taken seriously until and unless we understand the status and frequency of Breast Cancer collectively represented from all the cities & villages (remote) across developing countries through appropriate data collection and analysis. We can bridge the gap between the developed and developing world to uplift the research potential and bring into limelight the current situation of Breast cancer in the urban & rural sectors across the globe, and try to decipher the hidden elements that may eventually help in the treatment schema

I quit my career while pursuing Executive MBA from Kellogg Business School at Northwestern University (2017-2018 Candidate) and started this new chapter to follow my dream, expand the network so that we can globally connect and educate women & men about the importance of Breast Health, perform clinical research analysis, and drive results. Please come and join us to drive this transformation and support the cause. Together, we can do wonders!


a message from
the founder

Lopamudra Das Roy, M.Sc, Ph.D, Founder and President of Breast Cancer Hub, speaks on the origins of the organization, and the importance of awareness, education, and research.