Dr. Charley Ferrer


CEO & Founder  
Cancer Tamer Foundation
Creator of Breast Cancer Diaries – The Play 


A world-renowned Clinical Sexologist and award-winning author, Dr. Charley has lectured throughout the US, Latin America and China for the past 20-years on sexual health and self-empowerment. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she turned her fears and frustrations at the lack of medical information provided to breast cancer patients into a popular television talk show series. Wanting to help other women find the answers they need to thrive once more, Dr. Charley established the Cancer Tamer Foundation,a non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations which provides education and life-enriching activities such as the CELEBRATE LIFE program for women with cancer. She also hosts the Body Love & Reclaiming Life Retreats which helps women embrace their lives, their body—scars and all—and their sensual divinity once more. She’s the author of Breast Cancer Diaries Book Series and Breast Cancer Diaries – The Play, a compilation of stories from woman and men diagnosed with breast cancer, sharing a little bit of drama and a whole lot of comedy and inspiration. 

Mission statement:
Cancer Tamer provides education, empowerment services, and life-enriching activities to woman (and men) with breast cancer. 

Collaborating with Breast Cancer HUB will enable us to share valuable information and help educate others on new research available; as well as, the services we provide. 

Literary Works by Dr. Charley Ferrer
Breast Cancer: From Diagnosis to Surgery
Breast Cancer 9 Essentials to Navigate Cancer
Breast Cancer Diaries: Inspirational Quotes, Thoughts & Comments
Breast Cancer Diaries Journal 
Breast Cancer Diaries – A Play 

Youtube : Interview with Breast Cancer Hub: https://youtu.be/NQUD2-B0A-c

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