Shweta Lohita


Oregan Networks, Quality Assurance Expert

London, United Kingdom


I work as a quality assurance expert at Oregan Networks, an embedded software solution provider.

 I live in London with my witty and loving husband. I’m very inquisitive and always keen to try out different things. I love to travel to new places and cook new recipes. When I’m not doing any of these things, you may find me reading a book.

Mission statement

Breast cancer is one of the major cause of death among women, and as a woman, I believe I have a responsibility to spread awareness about this in my circle. This may be a small contribution on my part to fight for this cause, however I hope it will encourage more women like me to come forward to join this great movement.

As an Ambassador of Breast Cancer Hub I want to educate people on Breast care health, create awareness and knowledge about importance of early detection of Breast Cancer that can save lives. To start with, I would like to first reach out to students who can be excellent future ambassadors themselves to speak about the breast cancer awareness and prevention to a larger and diverse society.


Region: London, United Kingdom

Lopamudra Das Roy