Devipore Tea garden collaboration


Honored to collaborate with Mr. Chitto Binode Deb, Owner, Devipore Tea Estate, Cachar, Assam. Mr. Deb is organized events in not only his tea estate but also in the other neighboring tea estates in August 2018. Sincerely appreciate Mr Deb's selfless efforts to help me with the outreach. Mr. Deb collaborated with BCH and volunteered in raising awareness within the community and society in local language, breaking social barriers and taboo.


Mr. Deb introduced me to Ms. Beauty Malakar, Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) who was with me all throughout, learned the process of Breast self exam and also took the responsibility of reaching out to others in the village. She also took the accountability of helping the villagers if they came up with Breast abnormalities and giving them directions where to go next.

Melissa Cong-Huyen