Freddie Kim



Chicago, IL, USA


Freddie is a US Army veteran with service in the 82nd Airborne Division as an Airborne Ranger and the 1st Special Force Group as a Green Beret Detachment Commander. After a 14-year service with over 30 months of combat deployments, he left the Army in 2014 to become the President of a private manufacturing company and pursue his Kellogg EMBA (with Lopa!). He is currently the founder of a boutique boxing fitness gym (FIGHTribe) and also the founder of a Veteran Executive Search firm (MilSpec Capital Partners) that helps mentor and connect top-notch US military veterans to opportunities in the private sector. Freddie is happily married to Suzy P. Kim and has one dog.

Mission statement:
I am passionate about helping others live better lives – from veterans to those battling with cancer. Breast Cancer Hub offers tremendous education and assistance for people to be more aware of early breast cancer detection, and I am honored to be a supporter and advocate of this organization!

Region: USA