Cachar College Collaboration, Assam


Thank you so much for the honor and felicitation. Sincerely grateful!


My greatest gratitude for Dr. Anitya Binode Deb, Principal-in-charge, Cachar College, who took tremendous initiative in conducting two events on 7th August, 2018. Dr. Deb and I connected many months back (post October 2017) and I was so amazed by his thoughts and was thankful to him for understanding the critical situation about Breast Cancer in India, supporting the cause and inviting me to come and address & also coming forward to collaborate

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My utmost thanks to Mr. Joydeep Biswas, Associate Professor, Department of Economics & Head, Department of Statistics, Cachar College, an inspiration for everyone, for your huge support


I am so thankful to Dr. Alshahiba Shamsuddin, Associate Professor & Head, Department of economics, who has shown interest to penetrate into the few conservative societies never tapped before so we can collaborate and work together helping to break the stigma.


Collaboration with Sucheta Women's Cell: My heartfelt thanks to Sucheta Women's Cell, Cachar College for organizing both the sessions and coming forward to collaborate.
Extremely thankful to Dr. Padmasree Chakrabarty, Associate Professor, Department of English and Secretary, on behalf of Sucheta Women’s Cell and Dr. Alshahiba Shamsuddin, Associate Professor & Head, Department of ecnonomis for coming forward to collaborate

Melissa Cong-Huyen