Bhaswati Khaund


Sincerely grateful for collaboration with Center for North East Studies and Policy Research (C-NES). From left: C-NES members, Mr. Ashok Rao, Programme Manager; Mr. Manik Boruah, Associate Programme Manager; Mrs. Bhaswati Goswami, Communications Officer and Dr. C. R Hira, Technical Adviser. 12th July, 2018, after reaching Guwahati, I headed to meet Mrs. Bhaswati Khaund Goswami, Communication officer, Center for North East Studies and Policy Research(C-NES). The organization has been providing basic health care services to the flood vulnerable population living in the Brahmaputra islands, through specially developed boats popularly known as the "Ships of Hope in the valley of Floods" equipped with OPD, laboratories on board as well as pharmacies, to thirteen districts in Assam through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the National Health Mission (NHM), Government of Assam. The goal is to take sustained health care to lakhs of persons on the islands, with a special focus on women and children, who are the most vulnerable in difficult conditions ( We are collaborating & working together to spread breast cancer awareness & give the Breast self exam cards in the areas where C-NES work- among some of the most marginalized and vulnerable communities dwelling in the Brahmaputra river islands in Assam, India.
I was so amazed to know about Boat clinics and the tremendous amount of work they are doing to reach the islands where access is minimal. Excellent outreach and work and I am so honored and happy to collaborate with C-NES! We would also like to build the collaborative project as an epidemiological research study along with awareness & education!
Please visit and get to know the outstanding work C-NES is doing.. I was spell bound getting to know their work!
Sincerely thankful to Susmita Baruah for connecting me to Mrs. Bhaswati Khaund

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My heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Bhaswati Khaund Goswami, Communications Officer in the Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research (C-NES) for supporting the cause & for collaboration. I am so honored to be associated with Mrs. Bhaswati and Boat Clinics (C-NES) so that the outreach on Breast Cancer awareness can go to all the places that Bat clinics cover. Thanks to Mrs. Susmita Baruah for connecting me to Mrs. Khaund.

Melissa Cong-Huyen