Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati, Assam


Breast Cancer Hub has collaborated for research with Dr. Srabana M. Bhagabaty, Associate Professor, Preventive Oncology; Dr. Manigreeva Krishnatreya, Medical Officer, Cancer Registry and Epidemiology; Dr. Mouchumee Bhattacharyya, Additional Professor, Radiation Oncology and together we look forward to add value to the scientific grounds on Breast Cancer research in Assam.


Thank you Dr. Kataki, Director, B. Borooah Cancer Center (BBCI) for inviting me as a guest faculty and for the honor. Thank you Dr. A.K Kalita, Professor & Head of Dept, Radiation Oncology for the honor. I am sincerely grateful! Thanks to Mr. Bibhuti Dutta for connecting me to Dr. Kataki and thanks to Mrs. Sapna Bordoloi for connecting me to Mr. Bibhuti Dutta.

At Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Center, 14th July 2018, Presentation on "Breast Cancer - Embarrassment and Taboo".Thankful to Dr. Kataki and Dr. Kabindra Bhagabaty, Palliative Care Department for the honor!


Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute: My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Amal Chandra kataki, Director, BBCI for inviting me as a Guest Faculty on 13th July and 14th July during two weeks summer training program on Cancer Registry and Epidemiology hands-on Training on Molecular Cancer Biology and Palliative Care.
Sincerely grateful to Dr. Kataki, Director, Dr.. B. Borooah Cancer Center for his collaboration and also being on the Medical Advisory Board for BCH!

Melissa Cong-Huyen