Collaboration with Haastkam


Thanks to Mr. Raghu Reddy for connecting me to Major Deepshikha Gupta. Collaboration with Major Deepshikha Gupta:
Deepshikha is an electronics engineer and ex-Indian army Major (Corps of Engineering). She is currently doing her a course in psychological counselling. She is an entrepreneur who started a non-profit foundation, “Hastkaam”. She wanted to do something to genuinely help the weavers and various crafts of India to reach larger audiences and for them to get direct profits and not the middlemen. She also works with an NGO called “Swakshatra” which rehabilitates sexually abused girls. I am very excited and honored about our collaboration. Deepshikha is taking the message of Breast Cancer awareness and education forward among the artisans from villages (Hastkaam) and also to “Swakshatra”.

Melissa Cong-Huyen