Amrit Tiwari


Co-Founder, Infinite Ability Centre

Kathmandu, Nepal


I am Amrit Tiwari from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am a student studying social work in Bachelor 1st year. I was in scout till 2014 and been volunteering people with disabilities. I have participated in various like life skills trainings, leadership trainings. I have three members in my family including me, mom and sister. My hobby is playing sports, singing, travelling etc. And my passion is music, helping people through various ways.

Mission Statement:
The main reason why I want to be part of this is once when I was in school my senior brother committed suicide because he had Breast cancer (male breast cancer). As in rural area of Nepal people are not much educated or do not have knowledge about health. So, I want to bring some awareness for them.

My organization’s name is Infinite Ability Centre, which works for people with disabilities. Within a month IAC will be giving shelter for at least 6 people with disabilities and will give them education, trainings entertainment, sports etc.

I have an idea which might be a win-win situation for both the sectors. Creating awareness among people with disabilities about breast cancer and after they get to learn about it, they can take it to the rural areas, teach others and make  people aware. Due to which people in rural areas will also get informed about breast cancer and also about people with disabilities. People often think that disabled people cannot do anything. When the disabled people empower others with this knowledge, people will also become aware about the situation with disabled people and also about Breast cancer-how early detection is important.

Region: Nepal