Shubhabrata Biswas, MD, MRCP, FRCR


Consultant Neuroradiologist, The Walton Center

Liverpool, U.K


I am a Consultant Neuroradiologist working at a tertiary Neurosciences center in the U.K. Most of my schooling as well as my  undergraduate medical education was in Silchar, Assam (India). Subsequently, I completed my post graduate training in Internal Medicine and Clinical Radiology (including subspecialty Fellowship in I Neuroradiology) in the U.K.  I am passionate about making health technology affordable and accessible to all. I am married with two children. 

I love traveling and good food.

Mission statement:
As a medical student and a junior doctor in India, it became apparent to me, quite early on, that lack of awareness of breast cancer was at the heart of the problem of late presentation. As a Neuroradiologist, each time I diagnose the spread of breast cancer to the brain and spine, I am convinced of the need for more intense research in breast cancer. Through my association with Breast Cancer Hub I wish to raise awareness of the impact of imaging in diagnosis and management of breast cancer.  Easy access to imaging modalities and more funding for cancer research are the issues I will pitch for. Lopa is a dear friend since childhood and I feel proud to be associated with her noble venture.

Region(s): India and U.K