Chet White


Director of Power Market Operations, Invenergy

Chicago, IL


Chet White is a results-oriented business leader with 16 years of experience in the commercial power sector of energy markets.  He has proven abilities in developing and implementing strategies and demonstrates leadership in cross-functional teams.  Chet enjoys discovering market opportunities and executing plans to improve profitability.  His hobbies include listening to music, biking, and photography.  He is a devoted father that is committed to family/friends and is passionate about the growth and development of people.    

Mission statement:
Chet promotes the spiritual, mental, and physical well-being of mankind.  Being a part of Breast Cancer Hub is an honor and privilege because raising awareness and early detection for a disease that continues to plague people of all genders, nationalities, and ages is critical in the fight against breast cancer.  

Instagram: @Chet_White_II
Region(s): United States, Midwest & Southeast Region