Peggy Miller


Director, Bret Miller 1T Foundation
Director, Male Breast Cancer Coalition

Prairie Village, KS, USA


I am the Mother of 3 Son’s and 1 Daughter. We have owned our own business since 1981.

In 2003 my son Bret showed his father and I a lump on his right nipple. Immediately I as a women thought to myself could that be what they tell us women to look for in our breast!

At the time we had no health insurance and Bret was a Junior in High School as wrestler and football player.  Bob and I were on the Booster club and we had just started a physical night so the students who had no insurance could get the physicals done for $25.

It was going to be run my parents who had their own students at the high school.

So that is when I told Bret let’s have them check it.  Over 7 Drs. Looked at the lump and told him it was calcium he was becoming a man.  For 7 years thru college every doctor told us them same. Until in 2010 one doctor finally sent him for a sonogram!

Mission statement:
Today myself, Bret, Cheri Ambrose, Bob Miller work this 24/7.  My hashtag is #TogetherWeWillChangetheWORLD  that #MenHaveBreastsToo  and sadly to say every week we are finding Men from all over the World. 

Bret’s Quote:
When faced with the words, 'You have breast cancer,' no man will feel alone ever again.

Twitter, Instagram: @MBCCMillers
Region: Global

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