Jyoti Sinha

Jyoti Sinha.jpg

Vice- Principal, Mrinaljyoti Rehabilitation Centre

Duliajan, Dist – Dibrugarh, Assam


I am a mother of two beautiful children. My elder daughter (16 years old) is a true gift who always reminds me of my childhood. My precious 13 year son is a challenge to parenthood who always keeps me at the edge. My husband is Executive employee of Oil India Ltd. My Mother- in law a source of encouragement for all of us. My family is my strength and true inspiration to work in this profession.

I have always liked to be a helping hand to anybody who needs help and so this profession is my passion. I have been in Mrinaljyoti for the last four years and within six months of work I was given the post of Vice principal. Since that day my main objective is to improve the education section of the organization and empower the children with disability to be a part of the society by being a contributing citizen. http://www.mrinaljyotiassam.org/

Working with the Children with disabilities has taught me to   adopt the brighter side of life and find happiness within myself. Though the achievements are small and very rare but the satisfaction is immense and cannot be measured.

Mission Statement:
I would be associated with Brest Cancer hub as Breast Cancer is becoming very common among the women of North East. Through the awareness program we had on the 19th of July, I personally have learned many information which was very useful and in a very simple form . Such information needs to be passed on to everyone specially to the rural and tea garden population of Assam.

Breast cancer hub has taken a very good initiative and our organization would surely help in spreading the message ahead.

Email: sinhaonmove@gmail.com
Region: Assam, India