Moumita Saha

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Assistant Teacher (Accountancy), Budding Buds Senior Secondary School

Tinsukia, Assam, India


I have done my Master’s in Accountancy along with a Bachelor Programme in Education. Apart from professionally pursuing a career as a subject teacher of Accountancy and Business Studies in Senior Secondary Standard, I have attended and conducted workshops and seminars in Environmental Studies in rural schools of Tinsukia district. An avid dog lover, I share my home with two Golden retrievers and a darling of Native Breed along with my Husband and Father-in-Law. I spend my vacations travelling and share a passion for photography with my husband. And I love to go fishing, cook or watch football whenever I get a break.

Mission Statement:
As a society bound by traditions, Indian women and men find it difficult, engaging on a subject usually shrouded in taboos. Knowing and most importantly sharing and talking about it, is a very positive step towards early detection and cure of it. Adolescent girls, if made aware of such serious issues at a young age grow up to be confident, articulate and conscious of their health, life and personal wellbeing. I believe awareness on Breast Cancer should be a part of the Physical Education curriculum of Schools. I would personally like to thank Lopamudra for bringing me on course with this issue. By extending outreach programs in educational Institutes among students in the age group of 13 -18 years I believe I would be able to take forward the noble cause of Breast Cancer Hub.

Region: Tinsukia, Assam, India

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