Bindu Goyal



Mumbai, India


Hello! I'm Bindu Goyal, married and settled in Mumbai. Living in a joint conservative family made it difficult to go out of the house and work full time. I decided to do things at a small level. Took up taking tuitions from home. With children around and getting knowledge everyday I learnt new things. Being very social by nature, I could not restrain myself. In a small way tried to reach out to help kids around. I teach in a street school weekly twice. Teach kids of an orphanage as and when they call. 

Mission statement:
I would love to do lot more to help people in every way I can. I came in contact with this Breast Cancer Hub through a friend. I have seen a close relative losing her life to this disease. I have also known survivors and that made me realize that if detected early it is curable. Definitely would love to make people aware of the early detection and found this organization to be of best help to me.

I am collaborating with BCH by working together to reach out to the slum areas of Mumbai city.

Region: India