Bibhuti Dutta


Secretary, Darwin Society
CEO, Landkraft
President, Rotary Club of Guwahati

Guwahati, India


Bibhuti Dutta is an entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience in the education sector. He exhibits a perfect blend of industry and academic knowledge. His interests lies in the areas of General Management, Marketing Management, Brand Building, Strategic Planning, Social & Economic Development.

Mr Dutta is one of the founder member of Darwin School of Business (2004) and Project Director of Rishika Interiors & Developers Pvt Ltd. He is a member of the Indian Society for Training & Development, New Delhi which aims towards fostering a continuous training & improved environment in all forms of professional set-ups.

Bibhuti is:

  • Overseas Member-Making Life Complete Foundation, England.
  • Overseas Member-The English School, Shimane Prefecture, Japan.
  • Director, UBP’s Centre for Alternative Vocation, Assam.
  • Managing Partner - OjO Global           
  • President, Rotary Club of Guwahati (2017-18)
  • Vice President -  Assam Seva Samity
  • Vice President – Aerosports Association of Assam
  • Senior Consultant, Events Unlimited
  • Member, Guwahati Management Association
  • Volunteer at Dr B. Borooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati
  • Mentor- Accredited by City & Guilds London

His Hobbies include Mentoring, Playing Chess & Networking.

Mission statement:
Spread the word about awareness by sharing the messages available on Breast Cancer Hub webpage within my own network, expand the network so that we can globally connect and educate women & men--if we come together, we can reach bigger population (urban & rural sectors

Help connect the foundation to other non-profit organizations, health care providers so that we can collaborate and work together as one group! Help connect with more volunteers, breast cancer advocates, humanitarians, physicians, oncologists and scientists, to develop active and heterogeneous network across the globe.

Volunteering in raising awareness within our community and society in local language, breaking social barriers and taboo.

Utilize social media and personal network connection to share Breast Cancer Hub’s website resources via internet, social media, digital print media, and local language transcripts.

Education: This foundation will be a key source of vital information on all aspects of Breast Cancer based on authentic scientific data and research publications.

a) Education via social media and internet

b) Publication of papers/articles/local media

c) Knowledge about targeted diet, life style, drug interactions based on disease condition

d) Educating in local languages, videos translated to local languages so that it’s not just in English



Skype: bibhutidutta

Region: India/North East India