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Interview with Mrs. Uma Pai, Breast Cancer Survivor, Bangalore

Interview with Mrs. Uma Pai, Breast Cancer Survivor, on 17th June 2019, Bangalore. Words fall short with the mention of Mrs. Uma Pai.. age is just a number for Mrs. Pai... full of energy, positive attitude towards life and most importantly her selfless support and contributions towards the community. She is part of Cancer support groups, empowering patients & their families in addition to working for the visually impaired people & helping them to become independent. She is the Founder of Uma's Realty The Hub. She is the winner of the Women of Future Awards 2017, in addition to being recipient of many awards & honors for being Breast Cancer advocate and also for her tremendous contributions towards the society from all spheres. I have noticed her selfless gestures when she connected me to St Johns, Kidwai & HCG hospitals. Hats off to Mrs. Uma Pai... meeting her, interviewing her was one of my greatest moments.... Thank you Mrs. Pai for all your help, support & most importantly, I am so blessed to receive the warmth of your love & affection. A true inspiration for our society..our beloved Hero! Thank you again Mrs. Ambili Santhosh, without you, I would have never got the opportunity to meet Mrs. Pai. Interview with Mrs. Pai will be posted on BCH website soon, & we can learn so much from her inspirational life!