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17th June, 2019, Session with Sahai,Prameyahealth FENS initiative

17th June, 2019, Session with Sahai, a Prameyahealth FENS initiative: Thank you Dr. Geetha Manjunath for connecting to Dr. Sandhya Ravi and inviting me for a discussion with the Sahai team. Breast Cancer Hub is honored to collaborate with Sahai team that addresses the Unmet needs of supportive care in women diagnosed with Breast Cancer in India free of cost. The multidisciplinary supportive care approach targets Health care information; cosmesis, prosthesis, & lymphedema care; yoga-music-dance therapy; emotional counselling and supervised physical exercise. It was great meeting the Sahai team (from left to right): Vani Anand-Grooming expert & cancer survivor; Swathi Raghavendra-Yoga therapist; Nita Pramod-Sahai program coordination; Dr. Mala Venugopal-psychologist & spiritual guide; Dr. Jayshree-immunologist; Dr. Mahalakshmi-Radiation oncologist; Dr. Sandhya Ravi-Breast surgeon, Program director, Sahai; Dr. Bapsy-Senior Medical Oncologist, Program Director & advisor; Dr. Poonam Maurya-Medical Oncologist; Dr. Lalitha Priya-Nutritionist; Ms Anuvinda-psycho oncologist