Nibedita Chakraborty


Interview with Mrs. Nibedita Chakraborty, Breast Cancer Advocate, Diagnosed at Stage I

Date of Meeting:  7th August, 2018, Silchar, Assam, India

Mrs. Nibedita Chakraborty, 50 yrs., diagnosed with Stage I (little advanced with Stage I) Breast Cancer in 2016 December. So proud of Mrs. Chakraborty who detected the lump with Breast self-exam and mentioned to her family and immediately addressed the situation going to the doctor. She was not shy or ignorant and even when I actually went to Sarada Sangha for the awareness program on 7th August, 2018; she came forward and never thought twice to give her story! She is going through her treatment now and I am amazed by her energy and spirit. Mrs. Chakraborty lost her husband in December 2015 but it's her son who inspires her and she mentioned, she wants to live for her son and not give up! An inspiration for the mankind....

By Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy
Breast Cancer Hub

Interview with Nibedita Chakraborty in Bengali, briefed in English, Breast Cancer Advocate from India!

Interview with Mrs. Nibedita Chakraborty, diagnosed at Stage I Breast Cancer in December, 2016; her vigilance, alertness & openness to discuss & attend the doctor immediately helped her with Early diagnosis…so proud of Mrs. Chakraborty,  a motivation for mankind.