Mrinalini Neog


Interview with Mrs. Mrinalini Neog, Breast Cancer Survivor, Diagnosed at Stage III

July 20th, 2018, Dibrugarh, Assam, India

I was so privileged to meet Mrs. Mrinalini Neog, Breast Cancer Survivor. Mrs. Neog is a school teacher in Golaghat, Assam and lives with her husband and children, 12 year old son and 16 year old daughter. Mrinalini came for my presentation on Breast Cancer Awareness, organized by Mahila Samiti Jironi Sora. Participants were members of Mahila Samiti and Pratishruti.  I am so proud of Mrinalini that she volunteered to speak about her story. I have reached out to so many survivors across India, but hardly I find women coming forward. Either they are shy themselves or due to pressure from family, they turn away when I request for their stories. I was so amazed and happy when Mrinalini came forward on her own! So delighted to know Mrinalini!

Mrinalini self examined herself and felt a lump in 2014. She went to Dibrugarh Medical College, underwent all diagnosis but the diagnosis was not given as cancer. She was instead prescribed hormone medications and other drugs for six months. After six months, she still felt her lump and some abnormalities in the breast. She went to a doctor in Golaghat and was prescribed other medications, and her diagnosis got missed again. She continued the medications, but her lump remained. Mrinalini went to GNRC Hospital, North Guwahati out of her own attentiveness. She went through Mammogram and Biopsy and finally, the doctor at GNRC diagnosed Mrinalini with Stage III Breast cancer. Mrinalini went through treatments in Tata Memorial Institute, Mumbai, and other hospitals in Assam and finally with eight rounds of chemotherapy, Mrinalini is now cancer free! She is now on hormone therapy as additional treatment.

Mrinalini’s story could have taken a different turn if she was not vigilant. Mrinalini’s diagnosis got delayed by 6-12 months even though she was very aware and immediately went to the doctor when she felt the lump. Sincerely appreciate Mrinalini’s watchfulness and taking the right steps that saved her life!

My kind appeal to the doctors, please do not ignore any tumors…. A simple screening process can help in early diagnosis!

By Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy
Breast Cancer Hub

Interview with Mrinalini Neog in Assamese, briefed in English, Breast Cancer Advocate from India!

Interview with Mrs. Mrinalini Neog, a teacher & Breast Cancer Survivor, Diagnosed at Stage III. I am so proud of Mrs. Neog for not hesitating to speak about her journey! Mrs. Neog, an inspiration to the society!