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Story of my Maa… Mrs. Bina Baidya

Story narrated by:
Proud daughter of Breast Cancer Survivor
Mrs.Sieuli Baidya, 37 years old
August, 2018
Working at Kendriya Vidyalaya PGT (Biology)

Life is unpredictable, sometimes it fills you with bright sunshine and sometimes it gives you jolt that you never ever imagined. One very fine afternoon of October 2017, my Maa, Mrs.Bina Baidya, aged 62 yrs, by self-examination found a tiny painless lump on her right breast and soon she informed me. As a teacher of Biology, I knew what it would be, but at that moment, I became nervous, irritable, nevertheless beating down my palpitating soul, I dared to inform my father, Mr. Atindra Baidya, 71 years, retired from Indian Navy, about the seriousness  of the condition. He took an immediate step and prompt action. The very next day he took her at Cachar Cancer hospital to be examined. Dr.Ravi Kannan and his team attended her and carried out all the necessary  tests for confirmation. We had to wait another 5 days to get the report. Before declaration  of the disease, I underwent all sorts of counselling  to prepare  her to face the worst phase of her life. She is so full of life and positivity that she took it in a fighting spirit and got ready for the most important  battle of life. Few days later, her reports confirmed  that she is at her stage 2 of breast cancer. Its only her alertness and self-awareness that helped her to detect it at early stage. My father stood like a rock in-between her soul mate and death. Her treatment started, she underwent 8 rounds of chemotherapy, 21 radiation and finally surgery.The first three rounds of chemotherapy are the worst of all. She lost her hair, eyebrows, all kinds of uneasiness, vomiting  fever shivering and underwent dreadful pain. Her husband was there with her at every single step. He kept his promise to be with her at her worst and played the role of a true companion during the course. My mother is so fortunate to have a son like Amit. Mr.Amit Baidya, aged 40 is working  as Principal at Kendriya Vidyalaya Kunjaban. Amit’s wife was also with her to extend their complete support both mentally and financially. I must admit that without their support, this battle would have been very formidable.  During the most critical  period of my family, my husband Mr.Kishorejit Baidya (works at Oman), also stood beside me and shouldered responsibility. The story will remain incomplete if I fail to mention the names of our closest family friend. Mrs.Utara das (entrepreneur), her daughter  Dr.Simi das (MBBS) and her husband, Mr.Samiran Das (works at Railway). The family went beyond their limit to help us out and took all the pain to take care of her when she needed the most care after the 2nd round of chemotherapy. My mother suffered  from perpetual vomiting and temperature as the extreme  side effects of chemotherapy. It is worth to mention that the above cited family took care of my mother like a small baby and enthused her to fight the battle.

My mother is today Breast cancer survivor. Self-awareness, early detection, family support is the key to overpower such fatal disease. Family support generates positive spirit and also strength to patients to bear pain and to get the better in such struggle. I am writing this story of my Maa and it is  my appeal to everyone across the world to leave inhibition and come forward for treatment. Beyond a doubt, we all can beat breast cancer.

Last but not the least, I confer my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy, who motivated us to share my mother’s story with the rest of the world. My infinite indebtedness to all the people who stood by our side during the hapless epoch.

Interview with Mrs. Bina Baidya, Breast Cancer Survivor, Diagnosed at Stage II

Date of Meeting:  4th August, 2018, Silchar, Assam, India

It was so wonderful meeting my friend Mr. Amit Baidya's mother Mrs. Bina Baidya, 62 yrs, on 4th August, 2018. Thanks to Mrs. Sieuli Baidya (her daughter) for connecting me to Mrs. Baidya. It was Mrs. Sieuli Baidya's vigilance that she immediately addressed the situation when her mom (who was not shy to speak up), mentioned about the lump to Sieuli. Mrs. Baidya was diagnosed in October 2017 with Stage II Breast Cancer. Mrs. Baidya is so strong and even though had issues tolerating chemotherapy, she fought back with the support of her family and family friends Mrs. Utara Das and Dr. Simi Das. Mrs. Bina Baidya received tremendous support from her loving, amazingly caring husband Mr. Atindra Baidya, her son Mr. Amit Baidya & his family.

 Amazingly brave woman who was not shy to speak up when she detected the lump by Breast self-exam and she didn't think twice to speak about her journey! Mrs. Baidya’s request to everyone -- no one should be shy to mention about issues with breast and should immediately visit the doctor. Hats off to Mrs. Bina Baidya!

By Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy
Breast Cancer Hub

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