Sylvia Aruffo, PhD


CEO, Communication Science

Buffalo Grove, IL, USA

Dr. Aruffo is the founder of Communication Science, Inc. (CSI), to solve health care problems from the patient’s point of view. Dr. Aruffo served on the Advisory Task Force for URAC accreditation, the International Disease Management Association and the Case Management Leadership Council. Her publications on patient compliance have appeared regularly in health care journals and her programs have been recommended by the American Medical Association. She coauthored the Language Learning Manual for the US State Department. Dr. Aruffo has a doctorate in ethnolinguistics and an MBA from Northwestern University

Mission Statement:
In researching the patient point of view, I am startled again and again by patients’ knowledge gaps—even among otherwise educated people in developed countries. In working with international health organizations, I have seen that barriers to women’s health abroad are even higher. I would like to use my experience and skills to see those barriers come down. The specific focus of this group is also personal: My mother, my sister and my daughter-in-law have all had breast cancer.

Region(s): USA, Latin America, Africa