Ishita Deb, MSc, BEd, PhD

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Clinical Embryologist, Dispur Fertility Centre, Dispur Hospitals Pvt . Ltd.

Guwahati, Assam, India


Dr. Ishita Deb is a Clinical Embryologist with 9+ years of experience in Research & Teaching in the field of Reproductive Biomedicine & Environmental Toxicology.  Dr. Deb is a Post- graduate in Biotechnology and received her Ph D in Reproductive Toxicology from Assam University, Silchar, Assam, India. She has undergone several trainings on Assisted Reproductive Techniques from AMRI, Kolkata, India and Reproductive Biomedicine from National Institute Of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi, India. Initially she started her carrier with teaching. But eventually continued her career pursuits as an embryologist in reputed Infertility Centers across cities of Assam, India. Her research work in the field of compromised fertility status due to heavy metals has received major accolades and appreciation in high impact factor national as well as international journals/editorials, etc. Apart from practicing embryology, she has ardent love for reading, music and traveling.

Mission statement:
Dr. Deb always had an inclination towards service to mankind, which is one of the main causes to practice embryology in day-to -day life. And, fortunately Breast Cancer Hub has added a new horizon to her passion. She sincerely appreciates the initiative taken up by Dr. Das Roy & BCH team. Words are inadequate to express her sincere gratitude to BCH for providing a gigantic platform to make people aware about breast health within one’s network. She would like to work hand in hand with BCH to help save lives from this alarming threat via active participation and mass awareness. Dr. Deb hopes to be a strong support system for BCH and wish it grand success in its future endeavors.

Region: Assam, India