Adam Gerstmeier


Business Unit Director, STRATTEC Security Corporation

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Adam Gerstmeier is a Business Unit Director at STRATTEC Security Corporation, a world leader in automotive access and security systems.  Adam specializes in leading high-impact teams across multiple disciplines including operations, engineering, quality and sales.  Prior to joining STRATTEC, Adam completed a fellowship with the Robert Bosch Fellowship Foundation where he worked as a consultant for Porsche at their headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.  In past roles Adam served in a leadership and ownership capacity at his family metal casting business, and he started his career as a CPA for KPMG Chicago.  Adam enjoys spending time with his wife, children and dog at their home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mission statement:
I am excited to apply my operational and financial experience to help Lopa and the Breast Cancer Hub achieve their goal of lowering the risk of breast cancer for men and women across the globe.  The passion and selflessness of Lopa and her team is inspiring, and will no doubt save countless lives as more people receive proper education through the Breast Cancer Hub and its partners. 

Region: USA