Tulika Dey


Editor,  FairGaze Skills Pvt. Ltd

Noida (Dist: Gautam Buddha Nagar), India


I have been working in the Publishing Industry for more than 15 years as a Content Writer & a Copyeditor. Presently, I am engaged with FairGaze Skills Pvt. Ltd as a Journalist, Editor & a Trainer. We are into the Educational Industry dealing with K-12 sector.

My family comprises of my spouse and a teenage daughter.

My hobbies include reading & writing blogs and reading books too.  I like being associated with children and respect my work. I am honored to be associated with this noble cause and would be more than satisfied if I could be of any help. My best wishes to all your future endeavors. Together we will make it!!

Mission statement:
In a country like India, 172 million people still lies in poverty (2017) out of the total 1.3 billion. Basic needs including food, clothes & shelter still remains a dream/desire for many. In such a context, women health-related problems including menstruation, breast-related problems, female circumcision are still a far off consideration & a stigma still held a majority of people (literate/illiterate) to even talk about it. They prefer to die than to talk.

Even if we ignore this poverty-stricken segment & consider the much-aware class of people who are concerned about their well-being & go for regular health check-ups, then also we find that they are really not concerned about the dense tissues that remains ignored in mammography.

In such a scenario, if I can spread a few words of awareness and concern through my baby steps in my network, I will feel satisfied & contented.

Email: imtulika@gmail.com
Region(s): India & Delhi