Mahendra Singh


Cofounder, Chief Operating Officer, Neural.Care India Pvt Ltd

Delhi, India


Digital Technology Global Business Technology Innovation Leader.

  • Artificial Intelligence driven world’s most comprehensive multistage Breast Oncology Care Management to Improve efficacy and Breast Care treatment outcome. We are a game changer in Breast Cancer Care management globally.
  • Precision Oncology Business Technology Leader for early detection of Breast cancer tumor.
  • More than 20 Years strong Leadership experience in serving the Healthcare Industry Globally in Cancer Research, multistage Cancer care management using advance next Generation Cancer technology for early detection Diagnosis for highest efficacy, improving the treatment outcomes saving the life of Millions of Breast Cancer Patients globally.

Mission statement:
Right knowledge in advance Oncology, Guidelines & tools at earliest stage save life of Cancer patients. I have the right knowledge, tools & 20 Years’ experience in advance and Precision Oncology for early detection in Breast Cancer using low dose Digital Mammogram technology, Breast tumor at earliest possible detection at Molecular Level by world’s most comprehensive Precision Oncology Next Gen Sequencing Testing.

Region: India