Bryan French


Vice President, J.P. Morgan

Chicago, IL, USA


Bryan French currently works as a vice president in Corporate Investment Banking Global Technology Project Execution at J.P. Morgan, where he works in the implementation of technology controls for equities trading, as well as strategic decision making for new products and acquisition of technical talent. Previously, he worked in the renewable energy industry as a Program Manager and was responsible for several wind turbine projects across the United States. Prior to that, Bryan served for 12 years as a Green Beret Major in the United States Army Special Forces, with emphasis on the Asian-Pacific region, as well as Southwest and South Asia. His experience includes several combat and diplomatic deployments across the region. Bryan’s military and foreign policy areas of expertise are international negotiation, crisis management, diplomatic conflict resolution, and counter-human and narcotrafficking.  Bryan speaks Russian and Ukrainian, he is a Project Management Professional (PMP), holds a degree from Marquette University in biomedical sciences, and is pursuing his MBA at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Mission statement:
I am passionate about education and igniting a spark in people’s lives. I live to test myself and approach life by making the uncomfortable, comfortable. Experiences and expanding my understanding are key to making me better. Skydiver to keep myself grounded. Marathoner to keep me humble. Volunteer to give back. Bringing order to chaos is an opportunity for growth and improvement.