Monalisa Dhekialphukan


Matthews, North Carolina, USA


I am a stay-at-home mom to 2 beautiful little girls.I have a Masters in Economics from Gauhati University,Assam,India.I  am an active participant in organizing and planning events in our diverse community.My hobbies include reading,listening to music, dancing and doing various DIY projects .

Mission statement:
I support BCH because it is a novel idea of promoting the spread of knowledge about breast cancer among the general public. I believe that it will help break the "taboo" surrounding breast cancer and make it "normal" to talk about it.

I can help by informing my friends and acquaintances about BCH so that they are more aware about the disease itself and also, about the treatment options available in various regions of the world.

Country of origin: Assam, India
Regions: North Carolina, United States and India