Snigdha Baruah


Chicago, IL, USA


As a physiotherapist , I have come across women who have lost partial or full breast as a result of breast cancer , but their ailment doesn’t stop there. Because of their reluctance to visit the doctor at the beginning of their suffering and their inability to do a thorough self breast examination,  they had to lose more of their breast tissues. Moreover, after the surgery they land with more musculoskeletal disorder like frozen shoulder and tight neck and scapular malalignment just to name a few.

So I believe a proper self examination and educational materials would help any woman to know and get proper medical attention at the right time.

Mission statement:

  1. Connect with my fellow physiotherapist responsible for women health and spread the valuable information via word of mouth
  2. Connect with individuals working with NGO and intimate about the breast health

Regions: Assam & Sikkim