Simi Chakraborty


Coherent Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

Kolkata, India


I have worked for an educational Institute for more than 13 years. At present working for a Mall Management consultancy.   We are a very small family living in Kolkata, India. I live with my husband and our sweet son who is 11 years old. My husband is a professor in Computer Science. I am a very friendly person with very keen interest in Music. I love cooking as because my family is food loving family. I love making friends, traveling, watching movies apart from my work. I love to socialize. I believe in Human Beings and their well being  by helping any individual in whatever small  way I can. 

Mission statement:
I would like to be a part of Breast Cancer Hub because I think the awareness regarding this particular topic is very less. People ignore even if something is wrong. So I would love to spread the awareness by any means which I can. Social Media is a very good platform to spread the awareness

Region: India